(1) SHAKTI SHOTS - The Perfect Coffee Spice Elixir
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(1) SHAKTI SHOTS - The Perfect Coffee Spice Elixir

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 Each bottle of Shakti Shots makes approximately 150 cups of rich, exotic, healthy coffee.  Tastes great in flavored coffees or if you take your coffee with milk and/or sugar.  BUT, many find that just a few drops of Shakti Shots is all they need for a great tasting cup.  Just add 2-3 drops per cup. ALSO, if you add it to a pot of coffee, you will use fewer drops.   Also, a few drops in your favorite tea and you have an instant Chai!

INGREDIENTS: CO2 extractts of Clove, Cardamom, Star Anise, and Cinnamon (cassia), and Sweet Almont Oil blended with glycerin, organic Gum Arabic, and Rosemary antioxidant.

VOLUME: 30ml

SHELF LIFE: Because of the special violet glass bottles and the vitality of CO2 extract spices, there s virtually no date in terms of spoilage. 

NOTE: If you have a serious nut allergy, consult with a your health care professional to see if you can consume Sweet Almond Oil.  We have not heard any adverse reactions, thus far, but if you have concerns, make the necessary enquiry.

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